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Your Plants’ Needs Are Important

Your Plants’ Needs Are Important

Just like you, your plants will have basic needs that cannot be neglected. There are a number of factors throughout their growth that influence their development. Water and light are two of the most important factors to get your plants growing. There’s a lot of theory and research that has been done on the influence of light. To keep this part simple: cannabis plants can grow very fast in a short amount of time, but this requires a lot of light.

There are many growers who prefer growing outdoors. For the best results, growing outdoors requires an accessible private space which gets at least 8+ hours of direct sunlight per day. Growing outdoors is limited by the seasons as well, as the grower has to plant in spring and harvest in fall.

Many new growers start off by growing their cannabis plants indoors in front of a sunny window just like a normal houseplant. It might look like the plant is growing and getting light, but the light through a window alone is usually not enough. These plants usually don’t ever produce more than a thin bud during the flowering stage, with many not producing any bud at all. Without any flowers or buds, you’re out of luck!

Nearly all indoor growers will need some type of grow light so they can replicate the light from the sun, and a timer as well to easily control a set day/night light schedule. There are many different types and sizes of grow lights available, ranging from simple household light bulbs to more specialized grow lights that can result in pounds of buds at a time.