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Harvest your first plant before trying any experiments. – Jim

Prevent common mistakes

One of the most common mistakes new growers make is hurting and even killing their plants by conducting spur-of-the-moment experiments. Cannabis is a super hardy plant and with basic knowledge and research growing is fairly easy. I legit almost completely decapitated my main stem in my 3rd grow, but because my setup was better and I didn’t cut corners like before, I grew my largest plant yet at that time.
Always do a quick web search whenever you have a question about growing and are unsure. Why make your plants be the lab rat of an experiment when I guarantee you someone else has already done your idea before.
Think I’m joking? I’ve read stories by growers who have legit urinated on their plants, and growers who have given their plants birth control for added estrogen.
Little things, like learning the proper nutrients to give your plants instead of walking into a store and picking up generic gardening nutrients like Miracle-Gro go along way. Spend a little more money on nutrients designed for cannabis. Cannabis needs a certain ratio of nutrients during different stages of their lives. Using the wrong nutrients during the flowering stage can severely hurt your plants and greatly reduce your yields. This will end up costing you way more money than it would have if you just bought the correct nutrients.
Another common problem is accidentally skipping crucial steps in the growing process, such as maintaining a proper pH. It is entirely possible to get lucky, but without the proper steps, it is a lot more likely you’ll end up with plants that either die or never produce any usable buds.
A simple suggestion: harvest your first plant before trying any experiments.