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Choosing Seeds and Strains

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Choosing Seeds and Strains

The strain you choose to grow will ultimately be up to you and what you desire. And this guide will help show you what to expect from different strains. But I know that the first time I grew, I really appreciated being pushed in the right direction, so here are the qualities that make a great beginner strain.

  • Short Stature

  • Low Odor

  • Fast Seed to Harvest

  • Easy and Forgiving to Abuse

  • Feminized

Indica, indica-dominant hybrids, and autoflowering strains will be the best for new growers. Autos are usually the best for short stature and have the fast growing time while providing a strong yield all things considering. Since they are on a set schedule. They aren’t as forgiving as photoperiods, but they require less work and growing time which means you’ll make fewer errors.  

An indica-dominant photoperiod will stay rather short, though LST is still advised, and you can leave it in veg for however long you want in case you need time to repair the damage. But with a longer growing time comes more time for mistakes.  

Indoor growers will most likely want to avoid sativa strains if they have any concern about height, and sativa strains also take longer on average to grow compared to any other strain, meaning more time for mistakes.

Blue Mystic is a great auto that is short, hardy, high yielding, and fairly low odor before she is cured after harvest. You could call her the perfect stealth plant.

Northern Lights is brilliant as well because she’s one of the few classic strains that great for beginners. She’s low odor in flowering, super hardy and can bounce back from immense stress, and a quick grower. Great stealth growth for newcomers as well.