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Autoflower Marihuanasamen! Nirvana™ Samen bietet Qualität Autoflowering Cannabis Samen.

Selbstblühende Cannabis


Ruderalis, also known loosely as “autoflowering”

Growth: Autoflowering strains will grow the shortest and will have the faster seed to harvest time, however, as a result, they produce less yield.

Effects: Autoflowering are the offspring created when a ruderalis plant is crossed with a sativa, indica, or hybrid plant, and usually they express the latter’s genes. So, if a ruderalis plant was crossed with the strain Amnesia Haze, one should expect a sativa-like high, since Amnesia Haze is a sativa based strain.

Ruderalis naturally produce way less THC than the photoperiods. Because of this autoflowering strains weren’t considered as potent and many would avoid them because of this. But that was a long time ago and well-bred autoflowering varieties will be neck-and-neck in THC levels compared to its photoperiod cousin.