Warenkorb / Kasse

Plants Stretching

There are four things that factor into a plant’s height: genetics, improper lighting, nutrient deficiencies, and lack of or improper plant training.

It’s really easy to get excited when you see a seedling climbing absurd height, but that probably means it’s not close enough to the light. Honestly, don’t get excited when you see a plant growing really tall unless it’s pre-flowering. Keep that seedling as short as possible, because most growers fight to keep height down.

Also, remember the blue/white light is preferred for veg as it promotes shorter, bushier leaves which is what you want.

I believe most new growers should start LSTing with either their first or second grow if you plan to grow inside. I can’t think of an experience indoor grower that doesn’t use some sort of plant training and despite the name LSTing probably doesn't even cause any stress.