Warenkorb / Kasse

Over- and Underwatering

These two are fairly simple to diagnose and they both result in the plant leaves drooping. And you can tell the difference because overwatering makes the plant leaves look . . . overwatered and heavy. While with underwatering, the plant looks dry and the leaves fall flatter against the stem. It reminds me of corn right before harvest if that helps.

You can confirm it one by either pushing your finger two inches into the soil to see if it’s dry or lift your growing container/pot. A plant will weight a lot more after just being watered compared to it bone dry, so I always like lifting.

Tips for correct watering:
Perlite, perlite, perlite. Great drainage is key.
Fabric pots, grow bags, smart pots.
Bigger pots can hold more water, so you can water less.
The higher your humidity the less your plants take in from the roots.
Try to capture around 20% runoff with each watering.