Warenkorb / Kasse

Remember, most cosmetic damage remains after the issue is gone. – Jim

Burned leaf tips

Don’t worry because you will almost definitely see this in your first few grows, if not the majority of all your grows.

Go look at any picture of cannabis plants that are flowering, and you’ll probably see yellow, orange, or brown leaf tips. This is most likely stemming from too many nutrients at some point in the plant’s life. Remember, most cosmetic damage remains after the issue is gone.

I was talking with a fellow grower one day about how we both were commonly having the same plants issue in veg with multiple plants. Our plants would develop yellow tips, so we would hold off from a day of feeding only to see our plants quickly developing spots and other signs of deficiencies. This was at a time when neither of us was testing runoff, just following a nutrient schedule.

His advice was to continue feeding as normal and wait for more symptoms to follow. And he turned out to be right! The next time I had the same issues, I feed as normal and when I saw deficiencies present themselves they weren’t as bad. Ultimately, this led me to use two qualifiers for diagnosing nute burn, especially in veg: burn tips and a dark green color that’s usually a result of too much nitrogen.