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Higher quality cannabis, consistent supply, it’s cheaper. In about 4 months you're ready. Anyone can do it.

Introduction to growing cannabis


To grow marijuana is actually fairly simple and straightforward when you have the right information.

The basics

Grow space

Setup & Supplies

Grow medium

Choosing grow medium

Pick the perfect light

Outdoor growing requires only sunlight and seeds planted in the spring. Indoors you need artificial lights like high pressure sodium, metal halide or led light.

Marijuana grow lights

Cannabis nutrients

Nutrients are often the scary subject for new growers because gauging the plant’s health is still new to them. My tip, Buy nutrients made specifically for cannabis.

Cannabis nutrients

Let's grow!

Most growers germinate seeds in a starter cube or seedling plug. Some growers use the wet paper towel trick, others just simply plant their marijuana seeds into the medium.

How to germinate

Vegetative Stage

Both photoperiods and autoflowering will thrive under a full 24 hours. The Marijuana Horticulture Bible (pg. 38) states that this is the best light schedule for vegetative growth.

Vegetative Stage

Flowering Stage

Flowering Stage

Time to harvest

When to harvest Cannabis



Grow tips

Learn more about things like temperature, humidity or air circulation. What to do about smell and how to stealth grow? What to do when your plant is too tall. And all about how to schedule your nutrient feeding process.

Tips and Tricks


I’ve mentioned how certain nutrient deficiencies and other issues present themselves in cannabis plants throughout the guide, but let’s put them all in one place.

Cannabis plant problems


Some Fun Last Words